Roe: We love to work outside in our gardens and also entertain in our home. I am the chef and make most of my dishes from scratch. It is so much fun to spoil family, friends and even business associates with home-cooked meals and warm hospitality.

Don: And, I , bat clean up. Somehow she manages to use every cooking and serving utensils we own!

Roe: Another shared love of ours is travel. In fact, as a part of our dream list we want to visit all 50 states together. We have already been to more than half! In our travels, we also try to get to the ocean at least once a year. The beauty and majesty re-energizes us and brings clarity to whatever we might be working on. In fact, the idea of writing a book together was born on a beach!

Don: I have always loved the Indy 500 and open wheel racing. In fact, before we were married, I proclaimed the Indy 500 Race a national holiday in our house! The best part is Roe has become equally as passionate about the sport and we love going to the races together.

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