Roe: We met when I started to work at the same company as Don. For weeks I saw this cute man sitting in a small office working away. Though I had been given a tour of the office, I don’t remember really meeting him. When I officially joined my department, he came in to train me on the computer programs. Needless to say, the moment I literally stole the mouse from him, we should have known it was going to be a fun ride!

Actually, we working closely on a project and became friends first. Anything to add, my love? (Long pause) You know I am going to make you tell the story (laughter).

Don: We started dating later that year.

Roe: No…tell them about that fateful lunch…

Don: (sheepishly) Ok, ok…so I might have told her that I would never date anyone I worked with and that I had no interest in her.

(More laughter)

Roe: So, my love, how did that work out?

Don: Within six months we were dating.

Roe: I was so shocked when he asked me out, all I could say was that I had to check my calendar! As if I had a life. Of course, as soon as I made it back to my desk I immediately emailed him a “YES!”

Don: So yes, we did meet at work. Truthfully, my hesitation was how we could work closely together while building our personal relationship. It isn’t always easy and we really worked on the two sides of business and personal interactions. It is a relationship that we’ve been growing ever since. Writing the book together is a continuation of that growth.

Roe: It was very hard to leave that company knowing that we wouldn’t be working together in that way anymore. The book has really brought us back to those roots and it was so wonderful picking up where we left off!

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