Roe: As a small business owner, I have seen first-hand the need for executives to have someone to just talk to. Whether it is for brainstorming, accountability, or even someone to push me out of my own comfort zone, it is always more productive for me personally to have a go-to expert. Luckily, in many cases Don is the perfect sounding board.

As owner/president of RD Advisory Group, LLC, I can be that person for so many others. Whether it is paid coaching services, development of leadership training programs and workshops or even business services such as strategic planning sessions, I use my education as an MBA as well as my experience as a manager and executive to help others succeed.

It is incredibly fulfilling and with the development of Changing Your Equation, I can bring the concepts in the book to life in others. It is a perfect union of the two sides of my professional career.

Don: I am the CFO of an insurance agency. That might be a bit misleading if you think about it from only a financial perspective. Yes, managing the finances of the agency is part of my role, but what really excites me is the work I do in growing people and organizations into their greatest potential.

One of my highest priorities is growing my team mates – this allows me to further my own personal growth as well as the growth of the agency. It really is a never ending cycle of growth; personal, team, agency, and clients.

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