Roe: Truly I want people to try to help each other instead of thinking only for themselves, or worse yet, tearing them down maliciously. The “Realities” in our book were born from my disdain of reality television and how people are buying into those fake, phony, scripted “relationships.” It isn’t real. We don’t get ahead by hurting others! That is NOT being a Fairy Godparent!

Don: I’ll take this in a slightly different direction. We like to say, “we don’t stoop”. I’ve found that I always end up regretting any compromise of my core convictions. Therefore, I refuse to compromise on any of them. Sometimes convictions may be popular and other times may be very unpopular. Standing tall and defending my convictions is of utmost importance.

Standing for your convictions is not about being right or wrong. I have grown much more understanding and accepting that other’s convictions will be different and everyone is entitled to them. Tolerance to others’ ideas and opinions, even when in direct opposition to my own, is extremely important.

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