Often, you might hear someone say “bucket list” or “life’s to-do list,” many years ago, we made the conscious choice to call it our “dream day list.” We actually schedule a dream day once a year, which we just sit and literally dream about our life. No judgements are allowed, if it is something we hope for, dream about or even just want to try, it goes on the list. From there we carry it forward to actual goals and time frames.

During one dream day, when we were sitting on a favorite beach, in our conversation, we realized we weren’t going achieve everything on our own “dream day” list. We instantly knew there were two choices; change ourselves or change the list. We didn’t want to change the list so it came down to figuring out how we could change ourselves.


Roe: Then, I picked up on Don’s thought that unless the factors changed, our life would always lead to the same result. There was a cap to our earning potential. There was a time limit our dreams and our future (as much as we want to, we can’t live forever!). From there, I realized that our lives were an equation. Just like we learned back in grade school math, the result from our equations would not change until we changed the factors that made up the equation.

So, we reduced a very broad idea of getting what we want out of life to a manageable equation that is built around universally principles that really apply to everyone. We all these principles “factors.” Once we determined the factors of this equation, we took another step forward and made each factor actionable. Changing your Equation, not only creates awareness of many issues, it creates actions needed to implement real change.

And, it is starts with a dream day. We believe in this first step so much that we are offering everyone a free download of our dream day guide. Click here to get it!

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