Roe: As long as I can remember, I have always loved fairy tales. Many hours in my youth and even into my young adulthood were spent watching the same movies over and over. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella were my childhood favorites and I would wish that I had a fairy godmother to help me find my own true love. Then, when I was in my early 20’s, Beauty and the Beast came out. I think I went to see it in the movie theater at least a dozen times! That one especially spoke to me because the heroine had a different outlook. She could see things in someone that other’s couldn’t see. Not only could she see them, she could make that person’s life better.

Here is the ironic part, when my own fairy tale came true, I wanted others to have that same joy…the same happy ending. The fairy princess grew up and became the fairy godmother. I take what I see in others and help them to find their own happy endings. It may be with the people I coach or it may be with someone I just feel a connection with – it runs the gambit. Whoever seems to need me, or as I like to think, whoever God sends to me, I try to help. It is what drives me…truly I want to share all the blessings God has given me, so others can fulfill their own fairy tale ending. The more I give, the better my own fairy tale becomes!

The very best part is that Don has not only supported me in these efforts, he is now owning his own role as a fairy godfather. The epiphany I share any time I am asked about being a fairy godmother, is that the hero of the story was never the prince or princess: It was always the fairy godmother because without her, the story would have never happened.

Don: Being a “fairy godparent” was never a role I envisioned. Years ago, I found myself in a situation knowing someone who was really struggling. This person had tremendous potential and promise, but was going through a very difficult time and was seemingly moving in the wrong direction at a fast pace. My hope was that others around this person would step up and assist.

One by one those with the potential to help chose to take the safe route or in other words, decided not to “stick their necks out.” I knew it was up to me. After consulting with Roe, we took the leap and we were the ones to step in, both emotionally and financially. Doing so meant that we had to put a few of our own wants on hold. It was one of the best decisions we have made as a team and to this day, we have an incredibly special bond with this person!

Being a fairy godparent has brought about absolutely some of the best moments of our lives. Roe has been there every step of the way and our passion for being fairy godparents has grown and grown.

I don’t think we would have ever written Changing Your Equation if it had not been for our fairy godparent experiences. We hope the book inspires other potential fairy godparents to take that same leap. We also hope the book touches the lives of many, many people who we will never meet in person.

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