Some of the fun things we have done, like going to the Indy 500, driving our car on the track, “kissing” the bricks and even being on the grid when the drivers were called to their cars! We love to fulfill our dream list items by really going all out!

Roe: I have a great connection with most animals. Dogs will literally run from their owners to come up to me. It is just natural and I absolutely love it.   Along the same lines, I rode horses at the same barn for 25 years and my riding instructor is like a second-mom. We still are close to this day. Finally, in my love for animals, whenever we go The Keys, I always try to do a dolphin package at one of the non-profit research facilities. The ocean has a strong calling in my soul, in fact, we laugh that I swim better than I walk.

Most people know I am close to my family but it is a rare day that I don’t talk to my mom and sister at least once. Usually, it is multiple times! I had all four grandparents until I was in my early twenties and with only two first cousins, my sister and I were showered with love and attention. Truly, it is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Don: I grew up on a dairy farm. For me the old saying, “you can take the boy from the farm, but you can’t take the farm from the boy” holds true. I credit growing up on the farm with a number of the traits I continue to possess. Farming taught me a lot about responsibility and accountability. It also taught me that the harder you work on something, normally the better the results achieved.

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