Roe: My greatest hesitation in the book writing process was the sharing of our personal stories at the end of the chapters in Section 3. In fact, it was one of the biggest debates we had in the process. It is hard for me to be vulnerable. Ironically, when I coach and mentor people, and even in my corporate trainings, I often share personal stories. It is how I help people see the way through whatever issue they are facing. Yet, when it came to writing the book – for all the world to see – those personal stories seemed to be too much for me to share.

Now that it is complete, I love that it does connect people to us and makes our book somewhat unique. I need to continue to embrace my vulnerability and keep striving to help others in changing their equations.

Don: I am more and more focused on living and leaving a legacy. The legacy will not be about what material possessions are left behind, but by the people I can help. Stepping into someone’s life isn’t always something that comes naturally to me. Alright, as it was alluded to earlier, I’m the introvert.

Writing a book is something that comes fairly easily to an introvert. Publicizing and promoting it is something that has previously been far outside my comfort zone. In short, my self-improvement focus is really around becoming comfortable and embracing what makes me uncomfortable. That is the hallmark of great leaders.

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