Too often we find ourselves with people who only talk about themselves, their jobs, homes, hobbies and families without ever asking once about our lives. It is a disturbing trend that we are seeing more and more out there.

As with most people these days, our time is precious. So, if we are spending some of our rare spare time with others we want them to be at least a little interested in us!

We cherish real conversations and know that communication needs to happen on both sides. We can’t be so caught up in ourselves that we don’t try to connect with others.

Also, kind of along the same lines, we really don’t like the constant attitude of, “the problem is…” Yet, it is so often the leading statement. We really need to change the mindset to, “the solution is…” We believe each of us must reach beyond ourselves to make a better impact on the world around us.

It is just like our life’s equation, nothing will change if you don’t first change the factors!

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