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It is time to reach your Ideal Future! Change Your Equation so you can live life to its fullest potential.

Far too many time we have heard people say statements such as, “Why can’t I get ahead?” or “I wish I had that!” and yet they just keep spinning their wheels. We have spent our life together achieving and growing so we don’t live in the endless cycle of missed opportunities and regret. Now, it is time for us to share our knowledge and experiences so you too can live life to its fullest potential.

Together we have amassed two master’s degrees in business administration and management, over 35 years of management and leadership experience, successfully started a business, and have many years of experiences life has to offer.

No one should try to go it alone! Our stories and the upcoming book, Changing Your Equation, will help your audience reach their own Ideal Future.

rda_201609Show and Story Ideas: Check out the video links for extended topic discussions!

  • Be a Fairy Godmother – Fairy Godmothers are real, so pick up your wand!
  • The Blind Spot – We can’t always see what is really holding us back.
  • Inner Selfie – Don’t worry about the external image so much, turn the camera inward to learn more about the real you.
  • Someday – It’s time to make that ‘someday’ today!
  • Best Job Ever – Be the person who says, “They pay me for this?!”
  • Break Free – Break free from the tide of negativity and join the current of growth
  • Financial Wellness – Money can’t buy your happiness or your financial wellness.
  • Be Your Own Entrepreneur – It is time to own your own future.
  • The Relationship Escalator – Are you trying to go up a down escalator?
  • Changing Your Equation – Millennial Perspective
  • New Year’s Revolutions – Why struggle with a New Year’s resolution when you can have a New Year’s REVOLUTION?