The Day Someday became Today!

You have to start somewhere As with most success stories, the beginning usually comes about in a very unexpected way. This was definitely the case with a local dog groomer, Tyler. As Roe would bring her puppy to a local large retailer for pet services, her favorite trainer/groomer would always say, “Someday, when I’m a Vet.” Month after month, “Someday” was Tyler’s theme. Now, if you know Roe, that will… Continue Reading

Be a Fairy Godmother (Video)

So what is it to be a “Fairy Godmother?” A wave of the wand, a sparkle of magic or maybe it’s really just the goal of helping others. In the rush of our own lives, we tend to seek fulfillment from many different material sources. True purpose, however, can’t be found in our houses, cars, clothes or even our children’s accomplishments. We have to develop a true sense of purpose… Continue Reading

Don’t Burn Bridges, You Might Need Them Someday…View #3 Avoiding the Riptide

The previous two posts focused on how an employee and a supervisor should handle resignations.  This one is for the teammates left behind… Here we go.  As if life is not crazy enough, now everything at work is changing.  Your teammate is leaving, rumors may be flying and you have no idea what is going on. How are you going to handle this? Unfortunately many people in this situation jump… Continue Reading