Don’t Burn Bridges, You Might Need Them Someday…View #3 Avoiding the Riptide

The previous two posts focused on how an employee and a supervisor should handle resignations.  This one is for the teammates left behind… Here we go.  As if life is not crazy enough, now everything at work is changing.  Your teammate is leaving, rumors may be flying and you have no idea what is going on. How are you going to handle this? Unfortunately many people in this situation jump… Continue Reading

View #2 of Don’t Burn Bridges, You Might Need Them Someday…

The last post focused on how an employee should exit a job.  This one is for the employer/supervisor’s point of view… It has happened.  Your team member has turned in their letter of resignation.  Change is imminent.  Now it is time to face your own emotions.  Yes, emotions.  Do you feel betrayed?  Angry?  Or, maybe you are relieved.  You could even be happy.  Regardless, there are real emotions that must… Continue Reading

Don’t burn bridges, you will need them someday!

View #1: Employee’s Point of View It is time to go.  You have reached the point that change must be made.  The job doesn’t suit you anymore and you don’t suit the job.  Maybe it was the environment.  Maybe it was the work.  Maybe it was you.  For whatever reason, change is imminent and you have to decide how you are going to handle it. Decide?  Yes, it is a… Continue Reading

The Real Realities

Please think back about ten, maybe even fifteen, years ago…what was different in our culture?  What weren’t we exposed to?  Any ideas? By the title of this blog, you may have guessed where I am going: very few reality shows existed. Now every network has some sort of reality show and after a few years, they all seem to take the same turn.  The shows become more scripted with ever… Continue Reading

It is spring – time to renew your sense of positivity!

Here we are…the beginning of spring!  The weather has started to turn and people are coming out of hibernation.  Easter has brought a sense of renewal and hope.  The complaints and woes of winter are fading behind us.  Or are they?  Yes, yes – we do seem to be on the path to happiness now.  The good weather will make us happy!  It will feel so good to be able… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning! It’s time to eliminate the toxic instigators.

It always seems to happen, doesn’t it?  You want to focus on work.  You need to focus on work.  Yet, there you are, faced with someone who is determined to share every toxic thought with you.  They are out to erode your motivation, support and waste your time.  Just two days ago, a person that I have never met, was standing in front of me and was complaining about her… Continue Reading

I can help with that!

In the final installment of this “motivation” sub-series, this post will look more at developing career paths – your own and more importantly, those of your team.  Yes, your team is more important than you.  That is the true core value of a successful leader (which we will get more into that in future blog posts).  For now, think about this question: How did you get to where you are… Continue Reading

How is the Cornerstone of Your Business Built?

As promised in my last blog, this post will continue to look at motivation and how it effects your team.  In that writing, I proposed that a business leader needs to merge different motivations to achieve optimal performance and it should begin with understanding the uniqueness of the team. Wow – seems very heavy.  It really isn’t.  Think of it this way: Understanding what drives your team members to come… Continue Reading

Know more about your employees than just their name!

Several years ago, I started a blog called Managing Business Acumen.  Though I loved writing it, the audience never seemed to take root and eventually it fell by the wayside.  Yet, here is another attempt.  Why?  What is that motivation that continues to drive me?  There are very simple answers: To be heard; To make a difference in the lives of others: To promote positive cultures in business.  This new… Continue Reading