Here we are…the beginning of spring!  The weather has started to turn and people are coming out of hibernation.  Easter has brought a sense of renewal and hope.  The complaints and woes of winter are fading behind us.  Or are they?  Yes, yes – we do seem to be on the path to happiness now.  The good weather will make us happy!  It will feel so good to be able to ride the lawn tractor and soak in the sun.

Think about it though, what will our attitudes be by the end of July?  Do the winter doldrums turn into the hatred of heat waves or complaints that it is time for the kids to go back to school?  The lawn tractor becomes an instrument of dread.  It is too hot.  Too dry.  Too much of anything that will give us something to complain about.  Hey, what happened to our renewed spring positivity?

Ah, positivity.  Positive focus.  Looking up instead of down.  Thinking happy thoughts makes us, well, happy.  It sounds so very simple!  Why then do we have such a hard time with it?  Why do we always seem to fall back to the negative?  

It goes beyond weather, of course.  Negativity entrenches itself so much in our thoughts and actions that we actually lose the ability to look at the positive side.   How many times have you heard, “the problem is?”  Or worse, “I hate it when…”  The more you say it, the more everything takes on a negative tone.  Think about the very word, “hate.”  It is the pure embodiment of negativity.  How many times have you used it recently?

What does it take?  What does it take to say “the solution is…”  What does it take to simply change to focusing on the more positive side of “I really like it better when…”  If there is a negative then there must also be some sort of positive.  How much better would our lives and relationships be if we were just to change that focus?

Now, I will fully admit that it is very easy for me to fall into the negative.  It takes conscience effort to think positively – even though I know I feel better when I do.  It is such a counter-intuitive process.  Thinking negative makes us feel worse – mentally, emotionally and physically – yet it is where we seem to begin.

Honestly, this just happened to me with a few elderly family members.  We have some challenging times ahead and it would be so much easier if they had just done things differently.  Truly, I found myself somewhat begrudging the situation and I knew that I had to handle it.  In asking my husband for his perspective, he did agree that my point of view was valid, however, by looking at the family members’ decisions, we could clearly see all the good that was accomplished.  That simple conversation changed my perspective from negative to positive.  Even better, the guilt of feeling negative is gone.  It has been replaced by the gratitude of feeling positive!!!

So, does this really apply to business?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Think about the times you have felt negative about a project or worse yet, a team member.  Did it really turn out as bad as your initial reaction?  Most times – probably not.  How did you feel after?  Guilty or embarrassed by your negativity?  If you had been more positive, more accepting then those feelings would be far different.  Offer hope instead of dread.  Give gratitude instead of resentment.  Be understanding instead of reproachful.

Give it a try.  If you catch yourself going down a negative path, stop.  Discuss it with someone – someone who will truly give you the other side.  At RD Advisory Group, we try to help business people see and use the power of positivity.  We can help you too!  It is as simple as taking a different perspective – one with a very positive outcome.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.   Comments and questions are welcome.  For more information on an assessment of your current business functions visit our Services page.

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